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Panglao Island, Philippines


Panglao Island, Philippines (Flickr Photo by Gezelle)
Panglao Island, Philippines (Flickr Photo by Gezelle)

The Philippines remain home to some of the most beautiful and unspoilt beaches this well-travelled of travellers has experienced. From the beautiful Boracay to the stunning Mactan this country of 7,107 islands is a beach lover’s paradise. And yet, for me, there is one that remains closest to my heart and a place I dream of returning to, namely, Panglao Island.

Separated from its bigger and more famous brother Bohol by a narrow channel this idyllic getaway is home to lush white sands, a crystal clear sea line and one of the most bio-diverse diving areas in the country. Scattered all along the shore line are lazy shade canopy’s, beach recliners and palm trees making it a true picture postcard scene.

There are a large range of beach based hotels and hostels to stay at so you are spoilt for choice whatever your budget. Add to that the hospitable and friendly welcomes at every turn and you’ve got a real contender for the best beach in Asia!

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