One thought on “Panari Beach, Okinawa, Japan (Photo by Rurinoshima)”

  1. Im just searching for beautiful places and beaches, and funnily enough forgot about Okinawa. In 1970 I was living in Tokyo and doing some modelling, doing very well. I decided to try for a working visa and that stage they didnt give them to people like me. My friend was building a artist community in Taketomi, and invited me to stay there with the group, a mixed experience that
    some of I could have done withoutoutout. Generally though it was great and had some amazing experiences. But the immigration department turned down my application, so back to Tokyo I went and departed from Japan soon after, but I miss you soooo much Japan, your generousity and trustworthiness and beauty suited my shy personality well. Arriving back in Australia shocked me so much I could not stay here and fled to Europe soon after. Naha, Taketomi and a few other deserted island we went to while exploring and snorkeling were gorgeous. Im looking for a place to live on a beautiful calm clean beach with furtile land near. Maybe I should go back there and have a look

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