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Top Beaches in Taiwan

The tiny island of Taiwan is home to some of the best beaches in Asia. The beaches here range from fine white sand beaches and golden beach dunes to black sand and white coral beaches.

Some of the very best beaches in Taiwan are on the island’s outlying islands.

We hope you enjoy this mini-guide to best beaches in Taiwan. For more information on the following beaches, please visit our official Best Beaches in Taiwan information guide.

Northern Beaches in Taiwan

Fulong Beach on Flickr.
Fulong Beach on Flickr.

Fulong Beach

Fulong Beach lies on the northeast coast in Fulong Village, Gongliao Township. There are two beaches here.  The river beach of Shuangsi River is a great place for canoeing and windsurfing. This beach runs parallel to the sea beach.  As one of the few beach resorts in northern Taiwan, Fulong Beach is a favorite summer destination for residents in northern Taiwan. The

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  • Tongsiao Marine Life Park & Bathing Beach.

  • Baishawan Beach (White Sand Beach)

  • Chinshan Beach Resort

  • Feicueiwan Beach

  • Honeymoon Bay

Southern Beaches in Taiwan

Chateau Hotel, Kenting by Mandy Whale
Chateau Hotel, Kenting by Mandy Whale


The beautiful southernmost tip of Taiwan holds the honor of having the best beach in Taiwan. Kenting’s beaches bring sun bathers adagio breezes, fine sandy beaches for swimming, and playing on and an 18,000 hectare national park nearby. Kenting boasts a number of water sports, and the coral reefs here attract diving enthusiasts from all over the island.

Best Beaches on Taiwan’s Outlying Islands.

The Pescadores/The Penghu Islands

Remote Black Sand Beach in Penghu, Taiwan at

A remote black sand beach on Chimei Island, Penghu, Taiwan.


Some of the best beaches in Asia can be found on Taiwan’s outlying islands. The Penghu archipelago¬† is often referred to as the Little Hawaii of Taiwan because of its beautiful beaches, blue waters and clear skies. The waters here are world-renowned for wind-surfing as well, and draw international windsurfing crowds every November.

Jibei Island

Jibei Island is one of the most popular beaches in Taiwan. In our opinion, this should also be listed as one of the best beaches in Asia. It is definitely one of Asia’s best kept secrets. Sand Bay Beach, also known as Jibei Beach, is quite famous. Its pale golden sand beach extends several kilometers in length and ends in a beak that extends 1500 meters into the ocean. The natural landscape here is magnificent to view from the air. On the southwestern side of the island is Baishawei Beach, which is renowned for its fine white sand. It is a popular place with swimmers and divers. There are all kinds of activities on offer here providing the perfect place to spend hot summer afternoons.

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  • Bikini Island

Taiwan’s Other Outlying Islands for consideration:

  • Green Island (Lyudao)
  • Orchid Island (Lanyu)