Beaches in the Maldives


Cocoa Island, Maldives

Known for being one of the top sun destinations in the world, and a coveted destination that many travelers would love to strike off their dream travel itinerary, the beaches in the Maldives offer beautiful white sand and some of the clearest turquoise waters in the world.

The infamous island archipelago is a place of beauty and serenity. The Maldives resort islands offer charming white sand beaches, which sun worshippers and adrenalin junkies can enjoy equally. Bask in the hot sun and soak up some color or indulge in any number of water sports on offer, including snorkeling, diving, surfing and parasailing. Whatever your reason for visiting, the Maldives offer everyone a chance it enjoy nature at its best and a chance to relax and rejuvenate your body and soul.

Consisting of 26 ring-shaped coral islands or chains of islands, known as atolls, the Maldives offer a number of exciting and varying options for visitors looking for the perfect beach vacation. Thousands of years ago, the Maldives were rocked by volcanic eruptions, which slowly and gradually started to diminish. The volcanic activity led to the formation of beautiful coral atolls, which can rise thousands of meters above sea level and they offer the perfect habitat for marine life. Each atoll is looked after by an independent Atoll Chief, who is appointed by the President of the Malaysian Government. It is no small wonder that the Maldives are thought to be one of the best diving destinations in the world.

Beaches in Northern Maldives 

Haa Alif – The northernmost atoll in the Maldives.

North Kaafu Atoll

North Ari Atoll

Soneva Gili, Maldives

Maldives beaches are known for being almost flawless, but the ultra expensive Soneva Gili resort reigns supreeme for its over-water villa which come equipped with little luxuries that you never even knew you needed. The resort offers outdoor bathrooms, room service by speedboat, and a private butler service that will take you to deserted private beaches and entertain you with picnics on demand.

Beaches in Southern Maldives

Seenu – The southernmost atoll in the Maldives.

South Kaafu Atoll

South Ari Atoll

 Nalaguraidhoo Beach is known for being the most stunning beach in the Maldives.
Banyan Tree Island

Nika Island

Cocoa Island

Beaches in Western Maldives

Baa Atoll is located in the west of the Maldives atoll chain. It is formed of 75 islands. 13 of those islands are inhabited, and the overall population of Baa Atoll is just over 11,000. To date, five other islands are being developed into resorts, while the rest are uninhabited.

Baa Atoll consists of three separate atolls:

  • Maalhosmadulu Atoll in the south, which consists of nine inhabited islands.
  • The Fasd?ther? Atoll, which is wedged in between the two Maalhosmadulu Atolls and separated from north Maalhosmasdulu Atoll Moresby Channel
  • Goifulhafehendhu Atoll
In particular, Maalhosmadulu Atoll, is thought to be an excellent example of the rich biodiversity that can be found in the Maldives. The variety of life found in its natural ecosystem includes a unique diversity of fauna, including benthic fauna as well as large mangroves, and a stunning ring-shaped reef form known as faru, which is completely unique to the Maldives.
Furthermore, the southernmost island of Olhugiri in the North Maalhosmadulu Atoll is an uninhabited island that is well-known for its unique natural vegetation and for having two perching sites for the Great Frigatebird in the Maldives.
Hawksbill turtles and sea turtles can also be found near this island. It should be noted that the Fisheries Ministry of the Maldives does not allow the catching of sea turtles or taking their eggs. Baa Atoll was named a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve in June 2011.
Other such sites include Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) in Australia, the Galapagos Islands, and Komodo Island in Indonesia.

Dive jetty

Reethi Beach

The most popular beach on Baa Atoll is on a tiny island called Fonimagoodhoo Island. Measuring just 600m by 200m, only 15% of the land mass on this island has been build on, and it houses a stunning eco-friendly beach resort that caters to clientele mainly from the UK and continental Europe. The rest of the island offers lush vegetation, beautiful palm trees and a white sand beach known as Reethi Beach. Reethi Beach’s lagoon of crystal clear waters is home to a beautiful house reef that is located just 30-100m off shore.
Atolls in Maldives

Gnayivani Atoll is the smallest atoll in the Maldives.
Raa Atoll
Dhaalu Atoll
Faafu Atoll
Lhaviyani Atoll
Meemu Atoll
Vaavu Atoll
Gaafu Alif is the largest atoll of the world.

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