Rawa Island Malaysia


There are some truly beautiful beaches in Malaysia. This gorgeous country in Southeast Asia is also well known for its world class diving spots.

Southern Malaysia Beaches

Johor Beaches

Located in the southern part of Peninsular Malaysia, Johor is a Malaysian state that is home to eight large islands with several smaller islands surrounding them.

Pulau Aur
Pulau Besar
Pulau Dayang
Pulau Lima
Pulau Pemanggil
Pulau Sibu
Pulau Tengah
Pulau Tinggi

Rawa Island Malaysia
Pulau Rawa Malaysia – Photo by Phalinn Ooi

Pulau Rawa – Rawa Island

A coral island located off the east coast of Johor, Rawa Island is a popular beach vacation option with tourists from Malaysia and Singapore. Offering silky white sand beaches on one side of the island and a rocky vertical cliff on the other side, Rawa is the perfect  place to sit and unwind. The island doesn’t have any proper roads, but there are a few walkways that visitors can use to get around. The snorkeling and scuba diving on Rawa Island is excellent, and it offers an abundance of marine and island life for viewing.

Squids, jellyfish, octopuses, blacktip reef sharks, and many exotic fish live in its clear waters. There are two resorts on the island. Rawa Island has daily ferry service from Mersing.

Sipadan Island | Semporna | Sabah | Malaysian North Borneo

Sipadan, Malaysia

Known as one of the best dive sites in Asia, Sipadan is lush with coral life, an extraordinary marine ecosystem, and healthy green turtle and reef shark populations. It’s also rimmed with gorgeous beaches

People tend to come here for the diving, and most divers look forward to visiting Barracuda Point, where you can swim amongst thousands of barracuda. In order to conserve the area, only 120 diver permits are issued at Sipandan each day.

Gaya Island, Borneo, Malaysia

An island that is well known as a world class diving spot because of its coral and exotic fish life and warm waters, Gaya Island also offers some beautiful beaches.  You can also engage in jungle-trekking in its 130-million-year-old prehistoric rainforest.


Langkawi Beaches

An archipelago comprised of more than 100 islands, Langkawi Island is full of five star hotels and beach resorts. It also offers a wide variety of water sports, such as diving, yachting, parasailing, and beach combing. Langkawi is also home to a massive rain forest, and it offers some beautiful tree-top trekking along the canopy of the rainforest.

Most visitors go to Pantai Cenang Beach on the main island.

Tanjung Rhu, Langkawi

This tiny island of the main island boasts two-mile long beach and a serene atmosphere, complete with dense mangroves, ancient limestone cave systems, and stunning waterways.

Only some of the islands that form Langkawi are designated for tourist development. The island is served by air, rail, and ferry.

Beaches in Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu is on the island of Borneo in the Malay State of Sabah. This sleepy beach resort town draws more than half of all Malaysia’s tourism to its shores because of its beautiful island beaches overlooking the South China Sea.

Kota Kinabalu is home to three outlying islands that offer beachy goodness. Gaya, Mamutik, Manukan, and Sapi are among them.  Private speed boats can be charted from Kota Kinabalu Ferry Terminal.

Malaysian Airlines,  Air Asia, and Cebu Pacific all fly into Kota Kinabalu’s airport.

Private speed boats can be had to any of these islands, the boats leave from the dedicated ferry terminal. Flights are frequent with full service Malaysian Airlines as well as Air Asia and Cebu Pacific fly into Kota Kinabalu’s airport.

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