Iho Beach, South Korea


There are many beaches in South Korea that are truly beautiful, and you might be surprised to know that South Korea has an avid beach culture.

Jeju Island

Often compared to Hawaii because of its subtropical vegetation, beautiful sand beaches, and unusual volcanic landscape, Jeju Island is a South Korean version of heaven. The volcanic island’s main mountain is Hall Mountain. It’s the highest mountain in South Korea at 1,950 meters high.

Iho Beach, South Korea
Iho Beach, Photo by Lori Eldridge

Iho Beach, Jeju Island, South Korea

Iho Beach on Jeju Island is a long time favorite beach of Korean travelers. The beach is famous for its mixture of yellow and grey sand, which is perfect for sand castle building. Change room facilities are available in July and August, so once you’re done with a day in the surf and sun, get cleaned off and then head downtown to people-watch at the raucous student bars.

Ideas for Beach Holidays in Asia